The complete guide to Go net/http timeouts

I got an occasion to do a deep dive into net/http recently, and wrote a post about all the different timeouts you can set on the client and server side. How they work, how they interact and how to use them. The complete guide to Go net/http timeouts… »

Securing a travel iPhone

These are dry notes I took in the process of setting up a burner iPhone SE as a secure travel device. They are roughly in setup order. I believe iOS to be the most secure platform one can use at this time, but there are a lot of switches and… »

Analyzing Go Vendoring with BigQuery

GitHub published a snapshot of all the public open-source repositories to BigQuery and Francesc used it to draw some cool statistics about Go projects. I used the same dataset to analyze how the Go ecosystem does vendoring. Disclosure: there's some ego stroking here, as I'm the author of gvt. (Try… »

git fixup: --amend for older commits

Everyone knows and loves to use git commit --amend to change the latest commit. But what if you want to correct a older commit? The flow in that case involves an interactive rebase with a edit step. But that's kludgy. Here's an alias that using a couple of nifty git… »

Stale GOROOT and gorebuild

GOROOT is the path where the Go stdlib and tools reside. To make setting up Go easier, the (default) GOROOT is hardcoded in the go binary. Normally it's /usr/local/go, but if you build Go yourself it'll be whatever path you built it in. If you install Go with… »