Go Time #32 - Hellogopher, whosthere?

I joined Erik St. Martin, Carlisia Pinto and Brian Ketelsen for episode #32 of the Go Time podcast to chat about Hellogopher, whosthere (whoami.filippo.io), $GOPATH, TLS 1.3, Cloudflare's secret reverse proxy, and more. Go Time #32 — Hellogopher, whosthere? with Filippo Valsorda hellogopher — "just clone and make&… »

TLS 1.3 at 33c3

Nick Sullivan and I gave a talk about TLS 1.3 at 33c3, the latest Chaos Communication Congress. Here's the Fahrplan entry. We spoke about the flow of TLS 1.2 vs. TLS 1.3, how it manages to save a round trip, resumption and 0-RTT, forward secrecy and replays,… »

How to protect yourself from the WebEx extension

On Monday, Tavis Ormandy of Project Zero revealed that the Cisco WebEx Chrome extension (20M users) has a critical vulnerability. OMFG🔥 The WebEx Chrome extension has a trivial code execution vulnerability: any website could just install malware on your machine silently https://t.co/3hsvUaQRJU — Filippo Valsorda (@FiloSottile) 23… »

So you want to expose Go on the Internet

I was asked to contribute a post to the excellent Gopher Academy advent series. I took the occasion to write down what I learned deploying a Go service on the Cloudflare edge. The result is a catalogue of what you need to know before you drop NGINX from in front… »

I'm giving up on PGP

After years of wrestling GnuPG with varying levels of enthusiasm, I came to the conclusion that it's just not worth it, and I'm giving up. At least on the concept of long term PGP keys. This is not about the gpg tool itself, or about tools at all. Many already… »