Touch-to-operate password-store with YubiKey 4

There are dozens of tutorials on how to fight GnuPG to use YubiKeys for everything, but my favorite overlooked feature of the YubiKey 4 is "touch to operate", where each cryptographic operation takes a physical touch of the gold surface. That pairs particularly well with password-store, a PGP… »

Making a Gmail bot with Apps Script and TypeScript

Google Apps Script is one of the best hidden features of Gmail. Did you ever want just a bit more flexibility from a filter? Maybe the ability to remove a label, or match on a header, or just decide the order they are applied in. Apps Script can do all… »

Easy Windows and Linux cross-compilers for macOS

tl;dr: you can install cross-compiler toolchains to compile C/C++ for Windows or Linux from macOS with these two Homebrew Formulas. brew install FiloSottile/musl-cross/musl-cross brew install mingw-w64 hr { margin: 2em 0; } Cross-compiling C and C++ is dreadful. While in Go you just need to set an environment… »

Live streaming Cryptopals

tl;dr: I'm livecoding the Cryptopals in Go on Twitch, one set every Sunday. The recordings are on YouTube. Oh, wow. I love the idea. Would anyone here seriously watch 20 to 40 hours of me doing crypto, math and Go? Mic, screen, and everything. —… »

The scrypt parameters

The recommended scrypt parameters in the Go docs were recently brought up for discussion given they haven't changed since 2009. Even if at this point I memorized the three numbers (N=16384, r=8, p=1) I only have a vague understanding of their meaning, so I took some time… »