Hacking together a USB-C charger for a cheap Chromebook

The era of USB-C has come. The other day I threw all other cables into a box, and bought a set of USB-C to USB-C, Lightning, and microUSB cables. USB-C chargers around the house, USB-C PD power bank, even a nice small USB-C dock that works with the Nintendo Switch… »

Install Go tools from modules with brew-gomod

As of Go 1.14, modules are ready for production. Compared to GOPATH, they make it much easier to keep workspaces clean by managing dependencies out of sight, and by letting you clone projects anywhere. However, there is no good way to simply install a Go binary from source, yet.… »

Efficient Go APIs with the mid-stack inliner

A common task in Go API design is returning a byte slice. In this post I will explore some old techniques and a new one. In particular, we'll see how the mid-stack inliner interacts with escape analysis to make it possible for the most natural API to be also the fastest.… »

Using Ed25519 signing keys for encryption

@Benjojo12 and I are building an encryption tool that will support SSH keys as recipients. For Ed25519 keys that requires converting points between different elliptic curves. Let's see why and how.… »

A Go implementation of Poly1305 that makes sense

Cryptography code could be understandable if only we commented it. This Poly1305 implementation is an attempt to prove it. It should be readable with just an idea of what MACs are for, a beginner level of Go, and high school math.… »